Founders raising any type of capital are, by nature, voracious researchers and learners, and take advice from wherever they can get it. If that’s you, you also likely have a long reading list that falls into this category. Do yourself a favor and add a few of these to that list (or pass it on to a founder who might benefit).

The Complete Guide

A big, huge guide to fundraising, hitting everything from the basics, to how to get started, the difference between convertible notes and equity financing, finding angel investors and accelerators, and persisting.

Raising Venture Funds

Follow one entrepreneur who’s taken her startup through two rounds of funding, and manages the familiar juggling routine of also trying to grow a company and run a team. She talks through the differences she saw between raising Seed and Series A capital, how she prepped and got the attention of VCs, and tips for founders going through the process themselves.

Six experienced people in the startup and investing space offer advice to founders who are growing and resourcing their companies, and actively speaking to investors.

Are you in meetings with VCs or on stage pitching? Does it seem like things are going well? Here are three parts of your open pitches and conversations that could end up knocking you out of the running for capital.

We all hear stories about how the fundraising process went. But this Techstars alumna runs us through the real, detailed, and completely not-the-way-it-was-supposed-to-be process of raising $2M for her startup. Reality check anyone?

The Investor View

Several experienced investors share how they pick winning companies and portfolios. Get a sneak peek into how the people on the other side of the table are viewing pitches, determining effective founder leadership, and analyzing investment opportunities.

One Venture Capitalist offers her advice to founders who are preparing for raising venture funds, and what she views as being the most important values of both entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Alternative Financing

Definitions of three types of crowdfunding: Donation-based, Equity-based and Debt-based.

An absolute deep-dive on everything from crowdfunding, debt-loans, syndicates and more. Three industry experts talk through several ways to resource your startup before giving away a stake, how they should make the decision between options, and fundraising advice for any founder.