An Accelerator Advancing Black and Latinx Women Founders

The Accelerator provides a platform for Black and Latinx women founders to become powerhouse startup contenders in the tech ecosystem. Our founders work with seasoned professionals in and around the tech community for 10 weeks, closing the program with opportunities to connect directly to investors and other sources of capital.  

It was created to address the lack of support, presence and funding for women, and to showcase black and brown women as successful businesses owners fueling innovation for the 21st century.

Women 2.0 is the official partner of Organizer Playbook Capital.

Cohort I Founders

Adonica Shaw

Founder of The Surrender Circle

The Surrender Circle helps women improve their mental health through HIPAA compliant micro-communities focused around self-care topics.

Alexis Brunson

Founder of Dentkwik

Dentkwik is a networking platform that helps dental offices connect with and hire temporary dental staff more quickly.

Bel Hernandez

Founder of Latin Heat Media

Latin Heat Media is a content producer focused on providing the Latinx community with editorial, television/streaming content and events.

Carolyn Pitt

Founder of (formerly Film Connx)

Film Connx is the job marketplace for productions that connects studios, music labels and brands to vetted local crew.

Estelle Monroe & Valerie Briggs

Co-Founders of NetHubb

NetHubb provides membership recruitment services for Professional Organizations by connecting them to students through their platform.

Irma Mesa

Founder of Cafecito

We help remote SMBs and communities increase retention and P2P engagement by connecting them virtually through curated 1:1 coffee breaks.

Jasmine Maetta

Founder of round21

round21 is on a mission to unlock self-expression by combining art with lifestyle products for GenZ and Millennials.

Joshe Ordonez

Founder of Airpals

Gig worker-friendly startup, providing modern, same-day B2B courier services using AI-driven technology.

Kiki Sherriff

Founder of Doctors Under the Radar

Doc U R aims to provide mental health services, evidenced-based resources, and support channels for female physicians.

Kimberly Evans

Founder of Just Her Rideshare

Just Her Rideshare is a community of women providing an safe alternative rideshare with women drivers for women riders.

Melissa Mueller-Douglas

Founder of MyRetreat

MYRetreat connects you to your mind, body, and breath, through chocolate meditation and gratitude journaling.

Natasha Green

Founder of WeIntervene

Weintervene is a centralized repository of resources, service providers, and notes that will showcase a school's non-academic data points.

Shelly Wilson

Founder of Sports on the Lips

SOTL is a for-profit with purpose startup that clears hurdles for Black collegiate female athletes through mentorship and opportunities.

Thandi Robins

Co-Founder of Skinterest

Skinterest uses telemedicine to address barriers to dermatological care that are often felt by people of color.