Allies Committee

Established in June of 2017, we invited a group of 13 men to serve as active agents in closing the gender gaps in tech—a core priority of Women 2.0 for the year.

Men are 50% of the equation, and there needs to be a more active, central and consistent role for men at the table—the table where we discuss and discover solutions together.

But this is far from an easy process. It means we need to reanalyze gender roles, identify and accept privilege or lack thereof, open up to discussion and be diligent.

This is not a committee of men to tell women what to do. It’s a committee of active partners and leaders who can turn to their peers and help them become change agents themselves.

As of FY ’19, we’ve have extended our work to focus more broadly on key concepts of allyship for multiple underrepresented groups, and have partnered with Corey Ponder of Empact Strategies to develop a robust and scalable allyship product, to be launched in Summer of 2020.


Each man has a record of caring about and advocating for diversity and inclusion, and are dedicated to finding better ways they and their male counterparts can be better change agents for women in tech.

Central Committee

Wade A Davis

Leader and Educator on gender, racial and orientation equality and Former NFL player

#Feminist | Former #NFL Player | #YouCanPlay | UN #HEFORSHE Ambassador | Writer | Speaker | Consultant | Educator | | info@w

Munish Puri

Chief Research Officer at Terbium Labs

Josh Constine

Editor-at-Large of TechCrunch

Cybersociologist, Meme Whisperer, Editor-At-Large @TechCrunch, #Omnibang.

Paolo Gaudiano

CEO at Aleria

Changing what people do about diversity through #DiversityTech. CEO, @CityCollegeNY faculty, @forbesleaders and @CIOonli

Davang Shah

Director of Marketing at Google

John Hill

VP of Network at Techstars

Once a Higher Education Evangelist for @LinkedIn. Now a Vice President, Network @Techstars. Believe that Relationships Matter! #Spartan

Supporting Committee

Adam Draper

Founder & Managing Director of Boost VC

I invest where I want the world to go. #Blockchain, #Crypto, #VR, #AR, #Jetpacks, #SciFi @boostvc

Aneesh Chopra

President of CareJourney and former CTO of the United States

Billy Draper

VC at Draper Associates

venture capital @drapervc and sometimes burgers.

Micah Baldwin

Startups at Amazon (AWS) and startup Founder

Sean Branagan

Director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University's Newhouse School

Talker on Technology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Early-Stage Tech Companies. I usually tweet from conferences & speaking eve

Tod Plotkin

Principal at Green Buzz Agency