Work With Us

There are plenty of ways to engage with us at Women 2.0, each one aligned with our core mission focused on equality in tech.

Internal D&I Work

Check out The Dot, our D&I membership. We tap you into expertise and analysis in a simple, action-oriented context. Great for any Lead responsible for D&I in their workplace, whether in a formal or informal capacity.

We also provide extensive in-house opportunities to work with your company in the following ways:

   Diversity & Inclusion Assessments and Programming
   Gender Sensitivity & Allies Programming
   Internal events
   Consulting and ERG Work
   Speakers and Internal Events


Media & Content

We’ve got in-house content marketing expertise that can help you create native, branded content for our media site.

   General Brand Awareness
   Employer and Culture Branding


Jobs & Talent

If you’re a candidate looking for an engineering role in an inclusive workforce, create a profile now on Lane, our recruitment platform.

If you’re an employer who would like to hire from our pool of female engineering talent, you can email directly, or fill out the form below.

Corporate Sponsorships and Mission Alignment

We’re a for-profit, for-good company, but 100% of our work goes towards making the world a better place.

If you’re interested in supporting this work in a larger capacity, you can fill out the form below.

We’re currently focused on the following initiatives, with sponsorship and partnership opportunities available:

   Men as Allies
  Women in tech/Female Founders ecosystem creation
   D&I Expert Network build out
   Role Model Editorial Series
   Culture in Tech podcast
   The D&I Book Club


We do a small number of targeted events each year:

   Salon breakfasts, lunches or dinners with influencers or key target audiences
   Special events and panel discussions, campaign launches, training sessions, virtual roundtables

We’re happy to talk through your goals and see if it’s the right fit.