Incidents of sexual assault and harassment within the tech industry have been hitting bold headlines this month, drawing attention to an issue that was once treated as taboo. First, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick resigned following shareholders’ concerns for the company’s success with multiple sexual harassment cases underway. Then, a flood of additional revelations that we’re all still processing.

In the midst of the online chatter and controversy, there’s also some great leadership. Below are some of the most notable examples of prescriptions for a cure to what ails the industry–written  by tech founders, investors, and contributors.


1. A Template for Investor/Founder Sexual Harassment Policy TechCrunch
Created to facilitate the creation of comprehensive, enforceable investor/founder sexual harassment policies, this template also seeks to lower the barrier fo more people can courageously speak up against their harassers without fear of retaliation.

2. Five Things Tech Companies Can Do Better — Susan J Fowler
A list of five things companies can do to make a commitment to their employees that they will act ethically, legally, responsibly, and transparently with regard to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other unlawful behavior, the reasons they’re important, and how companies can implement them.

3. Silicon Valley Doesn’t Need More Apologies for Sexism — It Needs a Plan — Meena Harris, Business Insider
Imagine the vast majority of Silicon Valley firms signing onto a joint statement of principles. What might such a statement look like? It should be emblematic of the entrepreneurial, progressive spirit that typifies Silicon Valley, yet reflective of the oft-stated value embraced by all who work here – best ideas win.

4. A Pledge for Decency and Broader Opportunity for All — Jennifer Fonstad and Theresia Gouw, Medium
Insights on the reality of women in the tech space, and what can be done to change things in the future.

5.  Enough. This Is What We’re Doing Next. — Sarah Seitz, Medium
A tongue and cheek roadmap and pointers for the soul-searching happening in Silicon Valley and the tech industry this weekend.

6.  Harassment in the Workplace—policies or dialogue—where do we start? — Vani Kola, LinkedIn
As a founding team, a few things you can do or start doing to create a harassment free environment.

7. VCs Draft Code of Conduct to Battle Sexual Harassment — Hannah Natanson, The Information (article behind paywall)
A group of roughly 30 venture capitalists are drafting a “code of conduct” for members of the industry that will set clear standards for unacceptable behavior—such as sexual harassment of founders—and will outline penalties for violators.