Janice Fraser, LUXr co-founder and CEO, shares her advice for founders.  

By Ayesha Rizvi (Multimedia & Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

Janice Fraser, CEO & Co-founder of LUXr, spoke at our San Francisco’s June City Meetup last week and left all our attendees inspired and eager to head straight for success. One of our favorite parts in any City Meetup is the Q&A session that follows after our featured speakers have completed their presentation for attendees. From startup funding advice to tips on working with a remote team, Fraser shares some incredibly useful insight for founders; and reminds us of one thing founders should always be doing -play the video to find out below. (In a hurry? Skip to 2:56 to hear it).

Look though these images below to get a glimpse of our June City Meetup at KPMG in San Francisco.

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