8 Awesome Companies Offering Remote Tech Jobs for Women Engineers

We know, finding the perfect job in your home market isn’t always easy. Sometimes you just need to expand your horizons!

If you're hunting for a position that suits both your abilities and your desire to work from home, there are plenty of options. Here are some great companies looking to hire women for remote tech positions.


Indio is a small and growing team focused on leveraging the newest and most intelligent software to transform insurance companies' workflows into delightful experiences for both the companies and their customers.

They are seeking a full-time Chief Front End Architect. The right woman for the job would be a talented Javascript architect who can help them map out and build the next version of Indio's app and lead the current team of 3 front-end developers from a technical standpoint. 

Salary: $140,000-160,000 per year + 0.75-1% equity

Big plus to working for Indio? The team is experienced and diverse, and the pay is very competitive. 


Headquartered in San Francisco, Automattic, is the company behind Wordpress and all of their awesome products, like Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Akismet. Their mission? Make the web a better place (can’t go wrong with that!).

They have an almost entirely remote workforce of over 500 Automattitians, and a well-developed process to manage them all and create a truly connected workforce.

They’re looking for an Engineer with experience using Javascript, along with HTML5 and CSS3, to help develop well-structured web applications. 

They are also hiring a “Happiness Engineer” whose role is to actively provide 24/7 support to customers. Hours are flexible! 



Automattic has an additional FOUR roles up — Mobile Designer, Mobile Engineer, Code Wrangler and Excellence Wrangler. A lot going on here!

Big plus of working at Automattic: They invested a lot of resources to make their remote workforce function at its best, and they have an interview process set up specifically to minimize biases. Yay!



Currently a team of 27 and based in Portland, Customer.io is working toward fostering stronger communication between businesses and their customers through their mobile application.

The team consists of smart marketers, product managers, and growth mavens, but they’re still looking to expand, now in search of a Front End Engineer and Director of Product to work remotely.  


For their engineering position, Customer.io is looking for someone interested in improving user experience by working in both front and back end services. You’ll be working with designers to build stronger user interfaces, add and extend automated tests, and fix bugs. Salary ranges from $100,000 to $130,000. 

As a Product Director, you’ll be managing a team of other product specialists to help give customers what they want. Responsibilities include adopting new app features and driving deeper engagement through interaction with customers.

Salary: $110,000 -  $125,000 

Big plus to working at Customer.io: Great salaries and a small growing company that’s really embraced a remote workforce. You’ll have room to grow!


Also headquartered in San Francisco, AdRoll is growing to be one of the top marketing platforms used worldwide, now with over 35,000 clients.

AdRoll needs a Senior Data Science Engineer who, with the right qualifications, may be eligible to work remotely. Otherwise, AdRoll has offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Dublin, for those interested in working more closely with the team.


Big plus to working at AdRoll: This roll is defined as a “startup within AdRoll”, and your work will directly affect the company’s core metrics.


Motel is a digital product studio comprising a small yet nimble team of remote designers and engineers.


The team focuses on improving design and development of their products, and they’re now looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to lead on client, internal product, or open source projects.

Salary: Starts at $90,000

Big plus of working at Motel:  to branch out from the typical engineering role and become a mentor and consultant.


Known as the “Digital Defenders of Children,” Thorn is a San Francisco-based company dedicated to helping improve the lives of abused children by providing safer platforms.

The small team builds technology to identify victims while blocking offenders through partnerships with other tech companies, law enforcement agencies, and NGO’s.


They pride themselves on fostering a fun, educative working environment, prioritizing staff wellness  monthly health sessions, flexible work schedules, and beneficial vacation time.

Thorn is looking for a Product Manager to help create a solution for smaller-sized companies to better identify and eradicate child abusive content online. Product Managers work closely with Thorn’s various platforms and partnered global companies to formulate strategies and address technical roadblocks.

Big Plus of working at Thorn: You get to make a big dent in a serious social issue, all from where you work best and most effectively.


Based in New York City, DigitalOcean is a growing technology company (currently with just under 500 employees) dedicated to simplifying cloud computing as a service to developers.

They’re building exciting new features to give developers access to a better global network.

They’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work with the network engineering team to lead design and implementation of the overlay network. Your ultimate goal? To create faster, more flexible cloud servers for users around the world. You can be anywhere for this position,, but you also have the option of working in either their New York or Cambridge, M.A., offices.


Big plus to working for DigitalOcean? Employees enjoy competitive compensation and a solid 401k plan, not to mention occasional archery lessons or office pie fights. Oh and remote employees get really awesome surprise gifts in the mail on a regular basis.

Elation Health

Elation Health is a San Francisco-based company that provides a SaaS cloud-based clinical platform that helps physicians keep records of patients.

The two founders have a deep background working with hospital administrators in health systems, so they knew exactly how important advanced information technology is to both patients and physicians alike.


Now, Elation Health is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join the team, and for the right candidate, that can be a remote position.

Although small, the community at Elation Health is connected by one main goal that makes them an effective team—each employee is passionate about improving the US healthcare industry.

Salary: $140,000 - $160,000

Big plus to working at Elation Health? The pay, the passionate workforce, and the catered lunches. 

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