Ah, Twitter didn’t disappoint us tonight. But really, it’s some amazing men who didn’t disappoint us.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Piers Morgan decided this was a good comment to make after seeing a charming photo of Daniel Craig carrying his newborn on his chest. You know….. being a father.

We don’t need to explain the aloofness (read: “idiocy”) of this comment, and why it shows Morgan is either completely out of touch or just a complete jerk (probably the latter).

But, in true form, it brought out the best in many. We took a few liberties below (we couldn’t resist, some were just too good not to put in here). We’re super pleased to see all the men out there who feel even more masculine when they’re being dads. Get ready for some cuteness.



Yeah but that last one…….!

We had to stop scrolling (so good, seriously go look at the comment stream… and a few R-rated comments we couldn’t include!), and we won’t even get started on Morgan’s responses to the backlash (a decided lack of class… he tried to walk back his comment by saying it was about the papoose looking unmanly – not much better of an argument), but if you see any more great responses, let us know!