Smartphone apps have made giant strides from games and social media channels to tools that help us run almost every aspect of our lives. From chore charts for kids to fitness trackers, our smartphones often know more about us and our habits than we do ourselves.

One of the most impactful ways smartphone apps have changed our lives is in the realm of business. Almost every aspect of our work and business can be handled with a few clicks and swipes. These apps have become vital to almost everyone.

While both men and women use these types of apps, there are some that are more suited to the working woman, with it still largely the case that women often take on more family-related tasks that add to their already busy schedules.

No matter what business you’re in, these smartphone apps can help make life easier for working women and increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately take some of the everyday stress out of your life.

Expense Reports

As the nature of business changes and more and more employees work from home or other remote locations, expense reports have become more important than ever. What used to be a simple form you may have handed into your accounting department can now be a complex series of receipts in different currencies, handwritten receipts, and other forms of proof of payment that you need to be reimbursed for.

One of the most popular apps for expense tracking is Expensify. This app can be customized to the user(s) to allow automatic approval of submitted receipts, has an easy scan feature, provides up-to-the-minute currency conversion for international travel and expenses, and also integrates with Uber and some hotel and flight booking apps. ABUKAI Expenses is another popular app that converts your receipts into an Excel spreadsheet, perfect for those who like to see the numbers in that format.

Scheduling Apps

For many working women, scheduling is their top priority. Whether it’s keeping track of appointments with clients or which kid has soccer practice and which one has riding lessons on any given day, it’s vital that they have the ability to accurately schedule their days.

This is especially important for women who own and run their own small business and may not have an assistant to help with scheduling. and Calendy are two top general-use apps, both of which integrate with multiple calendars. or those who are fond of a simple and easy-to-use calendar, the Google Calendar app is another great way to stay on top of your schedule.

Many industries have developed their own niche scheduling options offering features that address some of the specific nuances of the trade. For instance, salon owners and stylists prefer to take advantage of salon booking software and other tools that not only give their clients the freedom to book an appointment from their phone, but for the owner or stylist to view it in real time. 

To-Do List Apps

To-do lists no longer need to be written down on a scrap of paper or kept in your head where you’re bound to forget at least one thing.

List apps of all kinds are available but one of the best is Wunderlist. Everything from grocery lists to tasks for your employees can be organized in Wunderlist and shared with the people who need to be involved. Tasks in one list can be assigned to specific people and you as the creator can receive notifications when a task is complete.  

Several other options allow “lists” to take the form of a slightly more robust project management tool. Two popular options are Asana and Trello, both of which provide a visual layout that lends itself to managing tasks within a larger project format.

Document- and File-Sharing Apps

Whether it’s charts, audio or video files, or simple documents, taking the time to attach files to an email is no longer necessary. Document- and file-sharing apps can bring up important information from your phone and share it directly with colleagues.

Dropbox and Evernote are two of the best apps to ensure that your files are shared quickly and are easily retrieved by the recipient. Evernote also has search features and other attributes that make it a favorite for many. For those who are concerned about security, Infinit encrypts every file and the first 10 GB of transferred data is free.

Inventory-Tracking Apps

For small retail or service-oriented business owners, keeping track of inventory can be one of the most time-intensive aspects of your business. However, inventory-related apps are abundant and can make this task a simple one, leaving more time focus on customers.

Cashier Live is one of the best apps for small-business owners. It allows you to scan the barcodes of your products and then simply enter the quantity. Following that, this app can then sync with your POS system or email you the inventory file that you can then incorporate into your existing inventory system. Inventory+ is another favorite among small-business owners. Its features include customizable forms to suit your needs or a number of preset formats.

If you’re a working woman on the go, you need to be able to rely on certain things in order to maximize your time.

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