Pipeline Angels helps high-net worth women invest in women entrepreneurs.

women2-sponsored-blog-postBy Betsy Mikel (Editor, Women 2.)

Volunteer? Check. Donate? Check. What else can you do to help make the world a better place?

How about: invest.

Natalia Oberti Noguera’s on a mission to help female philanthropists become angel investors. Oberti Noguera and her team at Pipeline Angels have a two-fold strategy toward supporting female investors and entrepreneurs: Their bootcamps empower and educate women who want to make a positive impact with their own money. And, by activating more women angel investors, Pipeline Angels also helps to bring more capital to women who build impactful social ventures.

PipelineAngelsIf you have a passion for social entrepreneurship and want to invest in women working to change the world, then get on over to Pipeline Angels to apply for one of their signature angel investing bootcamps. These bootcamps don’t simply teach you the ropes of angel investing. To date, Pipeline Angels have invested in over 25 companies, unleashing more than US$1.7 million in capital in women-led for-profit social ventures.

By investing in a women-led for-profit venture that focuses on a complex issue, you do more than write a check. You’re investing in people who are dedicated to improving the lives of other people. What types of companies do Pipeline Angels invest in? Ones like Care Academy, an online education platform designed to support in-home caregivers and help them do their jobs better. Another Pipeline Angels funded venture is Dogpatch Tech, which builds mobile medical applications for patients and caregivers to make it easier to navigate their health.

“One of my favorite definitions of angel investing is that it’s smart money, meaning that it’s not just about the financial capital but also social and human capital,” Oberti Noguera explained to Chicago Tribune.

Pipeline Angels has spring bootcamps in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Washington D.C., Houston, Miami, New York City, and Philadelphia. The due date to apply is Friday, January 29. Even if you’ve never made an investment, you’re invited to apply; For most applicants, this is their first angel investment.

Bootcamp workshops are conducted on topics ranging from due diligence, valuation, portfolio strategies and measuring impact. The workshops are led by experts, including seasoned angel investors, VCs, and impact investing professionals. Participants are also matched with seasoned angel investors who share best practices and lessons learned.

Want to join 180+ members who are doing good through their investments? These are the criteria to apply:

  • Meeting one of the accredited investor definitions (i.e., US$200K in income or US$300K joint income with spouse for the past two years, or US$1M net worth)
  • Interest in group learning model
  • Passion for social entrepreneurship

Once again, the next due date for Pipeline Angels’ spring 2016 bootcamps in eleven U.S. cities is Friday, January 29, 2016. Be a part of changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women social entrepreneurs. Apply and make 2016 the year you made a difference, and, as Shonda Rhimes would say, the year you said yes (to angel investing, to a woman entrepreneur).