A new San Francisco program includes opportunities or a $5,000 scholarship to female and veteran applicants.

By Lesa Mitchell (Board Member, The Althea Foundation)

women2-sponsored-blog-postDespite the fact that programming started as a career dominated by women, it has become a career where women are often excluded. The software industry is starting to realize the benefits of diversified teams, particularly the inclusion of female programmers. Creating access to opportunities for education and subsequent growth as a developer is what gSchool at Galvanize aims to do for female students. “Access continues to be a problem since women still as a rule make less than men. It’s harder for them to come up with money for school, and it is harder for them to take the time off for an immersive course. Scholarships give access to women who otherwise would not be able to participate in our school,” says Kane Baccigalupi, gSchool Director at Galvanize & Women Who Code board member.

The Women 2.0 HowTo Conference is happing right now in San Francisco so it couldn’t be a better time to announce that gSchool is coming to our San Francisco campus! gSchool will be launching in San Francisco October 20th and we’re proud to incorporate our coding school with the energetic startup community working in our SoMa location.

gSchool prides itself on diversity and is dedicated to providing access to our software developer education programs to people from all backgrounds and experience. The new SF program includes opportunities for a $5,000 scholarship to female and veteran applicants. Education is the foundation for creativity and progress, which makes the veteran scholarship a groundbreaking opportunity. gSchool and Galvanize are setting a higher and more inclusive bar for the astounding number of veterans present in the San Francisco tech community. The veteran scholarship initiative is beneficial both to the veteran applicants eager to engage with startups and to the startups looking to diversify their teams by hiring qualified veteran programmers.

Through a exclusive partnership with Women Who Code (WWC), an organization also directed at creating more routes and opportunities for programming education, is also offering an incredible $20,000 scholarship to attend the gSchool SF software developer training program. We are excited to see how these unique scholarship opportunities bring more women and veterans into both the gSchool and Galvanize SF communities and are grateful for the different organizations who have supported these efforts!