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unnamed-1By GigaOM Media

The cloud market is a battlefield. Big providers like Google, AWS and Microsoft are in a continuing bidding war for business, lowering their rates and adding features to gain more customers. At the same time, smaller public and private cloud tech providers such as Nebula and Eucalyptus are emerging as reputable alternatives depending on an organization’s needs.

All the while, openstack has grown into an adolescent with the help of Rackspace, NASA and Intel among others. More companies are moving to open-source cloud computing software as part of their cloud-strategy including IBM, HP and Cisco.

This begs the question: What cloud platforms are enterprises choosing these days and why? Household names like The Gap, GE, Twitter, and The New York Times have all taken a particular path in their cloud strategy. Will AWS continue to lead enterprise cloud strategy? Will it lose momentum as Google and Microsoft catch up? Or will the disrupters and Openstack fulfill a big enough niche market to edge in on the competition? Moreover, where is the future of cloud infrastructure — the framework for all future apps to be built, stored and managed on — going?

The big names in cloud infrastructure, the disrupters, the open source advocates and a gamut of companies representing case study examples will converge over the course of two days at Structure in San Francisco on June 18-19th.

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