Verizon Powerful Answers Award

Honoring its ongoing commitment to innovation and social responsibility, Verizon is offering $6M (US) in prizes for innovators who propose the most innovative solutions to help develop and empower four core areas:

  1. Education: With the advancement of mobile, cloud, and other enabling technologies, how can education become more accessible, collaborative and engaging?
  2. Healthcare: How can information get to patients and doctors faster for better diagnosis, treatment and usable outputs for better wellness and health?
  3. Sustainability: Technology can help industries run faster, cleaner and better while reducing energy usage. How can we all live smarter?
  4. Transportation: How can technology find better, more efficient ways to reduce the complexities of transport and distribution in the physical world?

Each category will winner will receive $1 million and two runners up per category will receive $250,000.

As demonstrated by last year’s winners, the Award encourages innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to create ideas that leverage Verizon’s cutting edge technology to deliver ground breaking solutions and social good.

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