By Robert Jordan (Author, “How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America”)
“It’s really important to get the word out to a woman that she has the resources and capabilities that almost genetically make her superior to be a CEO.” That’s what Bonnie Baskin, founder of ViroMed and AppTec Labs, told me when we recently sat down to talk about her inspiring story. (View the video interview.)

Be Flexible

Interestingly, the rigidity Bonnie Baskin faced as an employee became the antithesis of her own highly successful management style. “You have to have flexibility” as a CEO, Bonnie told me. She put capable, proven women into managerial positions and was unwilling to lose stellar employees to family demands. Many of her first employees were young women fresh out of grad school who were starting families. She understood better than most the necessity of accommodating for pregnancy, snow days, and sick kids. She gave all her employees flexible work hours. “The payback was in multiples over the course of time,” she said.

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