We’re giving away two free tickets to our VIP Influencers Reception – a room chock full of Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley influencers. 

By Lauren Kim (Events Coordinator, Women 2.0)

They say your “network is your net worth.” If that’s the case, come to our upcoming Las Vegas conference and see your stock price skyrocket. Here’s why:

We’re offering two opportunities to rub elbows with big names in tech like Megan Smith (VP, Google[x]), Kay Koplovitz (Founder, USA Networks & SyFy Channel), and Jeff Clavier (Founder, SoftTech VC), but you need to act quickly in order to take advantage!

1. Ever attend a networking event and find yourself fighting the crowd to get a word in with the speaker? At our conference, Lunch Mentorship participants are guaranteed to make a valuable connection with conference speakers and mentors over intimate, roundtable sessions where up to one in four participants will be an influencer.

2. To sweeten the deal even more, two lucky lunch mentorship participants will be invited to our VIP Influencer Reception before the conference. Our VIP Influencer Reception is a private event exclusive to conference speakers and mentors. Needless to say, the room will be full of high-value connections waiting to be made!

Lunch mentorship is filling up fast! We have a limited capacity in this room, so make sure to register for the conference ASAP in order to grab one of the available spots and take advantage of these unique opportunities to meet and connect with influencers.

How to apply for lunch mentorship:

Step 1: Please apply for either session by answering yes to the relevant questions on the Eventbrite Registration form when buying your ticket. For example, if you are interested in the Lunch Mentorship with Investors session, answer yes to the question: “Are you interested in participating in the Lunch Mentorship with Investors session?” on the Eventbrite page, titled “Registration Information.”

Step 2: We will notify you whether you’ve been admitted into the session by sending you a Lunch Mentorship Session confirmation email. Please bring a digital or hard copy of the Lunch Mentorship Session confirmation email to ensure your admittance into the session.

Check out our amazing list of mentors:


  • Kelly Hoey, Co-founder & Managing Director, Women Innovate Mobile
  • Ben Parr, Managing Partner, DominateFund
  • Brian Dixon, Associate, Kapor Capital
  • Dave Kochbeck, CEO, StudentEdge
  • Holly Lynch, Founder, The 85-Percent
  • Jenny Fielding, Head of Digital Ventures, BBC Worldwide
  • Jeanne Sullivan, General Partner, StarVest Partners
  • Rebecca Kaden, Principal, Maveron
  • Ash Fontana, Fundraising Products, AngelList
  • Shanna Tellerman, Partner, Google Ventures
  • Andy White, Partner, Vegas Tech Fund


  • Elizabeth Yin, CEO & Co-founder, LaunchBit
  • Margaret Wallace, CEO, Playmatics
  • Willo O’Brien, Creative Catalyst, Willo O’ Brian Coaching & Creative Business Consulting
  • Jason Putorti, Creative Director, Causes
  • Iryna Newman, Director of Mobile Marketing (Global), OpenTable
  • Jacqueline Jensen, Co-Founder & COO, TicketCake.com
  • Joanna Lang, CEO & Co-Founder, AboutONe
  • Linda Franco, Co-Founder, MACHINA
  • Sam Khamis, Founder & CEO, Adamant Technologies, Inc.
  • Megan Smith, Vice President, Google{x]
  • Cyan Banister, CEO & Editor-In Chief, Zivity
  • Lori Cheek, Founder & CEO, Cheek’d
  • Katrina Lake, Founder & CEO, StitchFix
  • Kay Koplovitz, Founder USA Network & SyFy Channel; Chairman, Springboard Enterprises
  • Mauria Finley, Founder & CEO, Citrus Lane
  • Susan Danzinger, Founder & CEO, Ziggeo
  • Alexandra Chong, Founder & CEO, Lulu
  • Libby Tucker, Founder, LiveWorkAnywhere
  • Tessa Taylor, Founder, Co
  • Rebecca Watson, VP of Business Development, RadiumOne

Photo by Erica Kawamoto Hsu.

laurenLauren Kim (@LaurenJisoo) currently serves as the events coordinator at Women 2.0.  Lauren holds a BA in Development Studies from U.C. Berkeley and graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and women’s issues. In her spare time, she competes in hackathons and snowboards.