By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)
Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or to meet “the right people”, the goal behind speed networking and speed dating is pretty much the same — to make connections and build relationships in the shortest amount of time. But adding names to your rolodex rather than your little black book may not only be a better use of your time but a lot easier too.

Here are the top three reasons why speed networking is better than speed dating:
Reason #1 — People aren’t scanning the room looking for “potentials” — Your next business partner or contact can very well resemble George Costanza and it doesn’t matter the least!

Reason #2 — Rather than listing off your hobbies (long walks on the beach anyone?), career networking is a great way to perfect your 30 second elevator pitch. As you continue to repeat your speech to every new person you meet, you will learn the right words to use to make a great first impression. Listening to the way others present their speech may give you good pointers as well.

Reason #3 — Career relationships are not at all the monogamous kind and “playing the field” is strongly encouraged. In a 30-minute speed networking session you are estimated to meet around 40 new people, expanding your current network exponentially. Even if you don’t have the same business interests, the people you meet might connect you to their network of friends and clientele, so no new contact is a waste of time.

So bring out your business cards — because Women in Wireless is giving you five chances to exercise your speed networking skills for Mobile Marketing Week on September 8th!

Mobile Marketer, the news leader in all things mobile, is launching Mobile Marketing Week, a global celebration of mobile advertising, marketing and media. Our five city international event in the fantastic cities of New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London & Calgary is a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle, networking, and build relationships with people from the mobile and digital industry!

More details, including how to register can be found on the Women in Wireless website here.
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About the guest blogger: Melissa Fudor is currently Program Manager and Blogger for Women in Wireless in New York City. After a year teaching English in Prague, Melissa assisted with the 9Health Fair as an Event Coordinator in Colorado, and also worked with the Communications team at the Greenbelt Foundation in Toronto. She holds a BA in History from York University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter at @melissafudor.