A short video rounds up the worst business advice attendees of our San Francisco Founder Friday event were ever given.

By David Spark (Owner, Spark Media Solutions)

In April, I wrote an article 20 Pieces of Business Advice You Should Ignore. It was filled with often hackneyed advice that’s touted with very little sense as to the advice receiver’s business. I followed it up with this video from the Women 2.0 Founder Friday event at Google’s headquarters in San Francisco where I asked attendees, what’s the worst business advice they’ve ever received. Here are their answers.

Video originally appeared on the blog Spark Minute and was produced by the brand journalism firm, Spark Media Solutions and David Spark. 

What is the worst business advice anyone ever gave you?

DavidSpark_studio1About the blogger: David Spark  (@dspark) is a journalist, producer, speaker, and owner of the custom publishing and social media firm Spark Media Solutions

Photo credit: Alan via Flickr