By Jeffrey McManus (Co-Founder, CodeLesson)
When we started CodeLesson in 2010, we knew that people could benefit from a place online where they could learn to program on a flexible schedule. We figured we’d be most useful in helping people who code for a living stay on top of the latest languages and technologies.

But we were surprised when novice coders asked if we could help them become more technical. In fact, in our first PHP courses, more than one of our students described themselves as startup CEOs. When we asked them why they were learning to code, they told us they wanted to provide direct help to their technical team and communicate with them more effectively.

This seemed like a good goal to us, so the CodeLesson Startup Series is what we came up with to help entrepreneurs. We put some of our most popular and useful Web development courses in one place. You can be enrolled and on your way to coding competence with just a few clicks.

Here is just a basic subset of what CodeLesson offers. But we offer oh, so much more.

CodeLesson student Kaitlin Pike writes:

I took CodeLesson’s “Intro to HTML5 and CSS” and I’m currently taking CodeLesson’s PHP course. Why CodeLesson versus just reading a book or watching YouTube videos? I’m lazy. I always MEAN to prioritize my evenings and free time in order to learn programming/markup languages. But then my reptile mind takes over and it’s another three episodes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Start your engines…

And that’s why I take CodeLesson courses: Having deadlines, homework, and projects give me the structure I need to get. it. done. Taking and driving to a community college class, by the way, isn’t going to happen. Taking a class from home? Excellent. From a great instructor? Perfect. CodeLesson courses are exponentially easier, more efficient, cheaper, and time-saving than any other option I looked into. Oh, and did I mention I get to talk to an actual instructor and talk to classmates for help? You can’t do that to a Youtube video, no matter how loud you yell.

Because of CodeLesson, I’m my own technical co-founder, and if I want a prototype, I don’t need to shop around for coders willing to work for equity. I no longer have to rely on bribing my developer friends if I want to get a project off the ground. I just need enough coffee to keep me awake until I get it done myself. That’s extremely empowering knowledge.

Enjoy your journey, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you and your team.

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About the guest blogger: Jeffrey McManus is the Co-Founder of CodeLesson, a site that facilitates instructor-led online learning for software developers. He has spent nearly a decade as a consultant, developer, and writer. Jeffrey has managed platform businesses and developer relations for two iconic internet businesses, eBay and Yahoo!. He co-founded and led the Yahoo! Developer Network team, which opened Yahoo! properties to innovation by third-party developers.