Mattermark aims to transform the way VCs measure startups and their success, allowing investors to jump earlier than before. 

By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

For the month of July 2013, Buzzfeed has landed the number one spot in Series D & Beyond and Upworthy in Series A through C. Leading the Pre Series is Sulia in the number one spot and Fantatix, in the number two spot.

These are clearly rankings of startups arranged by company stage, but where exactly does such a handy list come from?

From female-founded Mattermark. Thanks to female co-founder Danielle Morrill, VCs and investors now have a new tool to help them identify promising startups earlier than usual with her new startup platform she co-founded with her husband, Kevin. 

The site is designed to help VCs seek out the most lucrative and promising startups by using hard data. The data is compiled through multiple sources, including but not limited to news coverage, social media, LinkedIn and Angellist.

Mattermark seems to mirror Morrill’s interests given her long history in tech. She was previously the editor-in-chief of Seattle 2.0, a resource for news on tech-related subjects and became the director of marketing for Twilio, a cloud communications company based in San Francisco in 2009. There, she helped lead the company expansion into Europe. In 2012 she was Y Combinator participant, founded Referly, and has since mentored over 20 startups through 500 startups.

Most knowledge of budding startups was formerly (and still probably is) passed through word of mouth, according to TechCrunch. Now, investors can compare startups to one another with the hopes of jumping on the next big thing earlier on in the game. TechCrunch reports:

For seed investors it’s like an early-warning system, detecting businesses that are gaining mind share with customers long before they’re a hot deal (for example, the app will identify a startup that suddenly starts to get a lot of organic Twitter mentions). For later-stage investors it’s a way to research a startup and get a lot of information about them in one place, and even compare them to other companies in their space (e.g. an increase in LinkedIn followers correlates well with later-stage success).

You can query, track and organize companies by stage, vertical and geography and download this data to Excel or PDF. And Mattermark makes all this data more digestible with powerful filters. For example, you can query which startups are building developer tools who haven’t raised a Series A yet, and rank these companies by engagement on Twitter. The site also provides real-time alerts and weekly email digests. …There’s no doubt that there is a significant opportunity in being the Bloomberg terminal for VCs and investors.

Want to know what companies are thriving now? See what other startups have highest Mattermark scores for July 2013.


schimmJessica Schimm is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has developed a strong interest in women’s issues and writes about them on her blog Women Who Run San Francisco. Follow her on Twitter @JessicaSchimm.