By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

Julie Hyman of Bloomberg TV laid out the numbers: women make up 56% of visitors of social networking sites and blogs, 25% of tech sector jobs are held by women, 8% of tech firms are started by women.

Shaherose Charania (CEO & Co-Founder of Women 2.0) reminds us why it’s important to correct the imbalance —

“There are 2 big reasons. Women are influential offline and online, driving social activity and ecommerce. The second reason is that diverse teams founding teams of tech companies fare better. They are 33% more capital efficient, they last longer and they file more innovative patents. They make better businesses, so not only are we consumers now in — and a very influential group of those — we also make better businesses.”

Shaherose continues to discuss role models for women entrepreneurs —

“The reality is when you look at startup lessons or entrepreneurial lessons, we are mostly empowered by stories told by a man. There are very few role models in the tech space, when you think of Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Pincus, to say hey I want to start a tech company that size. We need to have a generation where women are being taught by women, but also telling the story of telling the story from the perspective of the female being the founder, which is a little different than what Mark Zuckerberg did.”

Watch the Bloomberg TV interview on YouTube or in the video below: