Women 2.0 profiles women angel investors in our weekly “This Is What An Angel Investor Looks Like” series.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

An entrepreneur and angel investor in Paris, Morgane Rollando is a member of angel syndicate Women Business Angels Network with the motto of “get stronger together.”

She spent 15 years in corporate finance for listed companies before taking the entrepreneur’s way, founding Synerfia as a “a la carte” CFO, offering flexible solutions for business needs.


Meet Angel Investor Morgane Rollando

How and why did you decide to become an angel investor?
“Needing to find sense in my investment and career.”

What investments have you made?

Company: Lily Listes
Founder(s): Maittis Chalain & Florence Valla-Berthollet*

Company: BabyLoan
Founder(s): Arnaud Poissonier & Aurelie Duthoit*

Company: Red Carpet Paris
Founder(s): Claire Vidal*

Company: Corporama
Founder(s): Eric Barnier & Boris Gourmelen

Company: Etic
Founder(s): Cecile Galoselva*

Company: Lucibel
Founder(s): Frederic Granotier

Company: Sonear
Founder(s): Thomas Renaudin

*Women founders!

Range of initial investments?

Number of investments a year?

What types of industries do you invest in?
“As a priority, I look into the digital industry (software, web 2.0, telecom industry), as this is theh one I am the most comfortable with, and can understand (aor draft new) business models. I am also sensitive into any kind of innovation (services, products…) that is supported or directed to women in general.”

What is your investment style?

“I like to be hands on, especially if I can contribute by creating connexions inside my network. I believe that, thinking in a team spirit, sharing experiences and competencies, will contribute to each participant’s growth. That is also why I belong to Women Business Angels Network => get stronger together.”

How has your background played (or not) a role in your angel investing?
“Very important, I am coming from the software industry, financial services.”

One piece of advice to an angel-in-training?
“Listen to your feelings and intuition.”

One piece of advice to entrepreneurs looking for capital?
“Think of the investor’s motivation (cash, but not only).”

What are some investment dealbreakers?
“It is mostly about the entrepreneur’s character. I clearly avoid individualistic persons, who will not go for a win-win relationship, but mostly for self interest.”

Favorite quote?
“I like Oscar Wilde: Reach for the Moon and You will be among the Stars”

Random fact?
“I practice a martial art, karate. This spirit helps me a lot to manage crisis or big event inside my own business.”

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