By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)
TechFellow Awards is an annual startup investment program to honor those innovating in high-tech entrepreneurship.

Supporters of the TechFellow Awards include the Founders Fund, TechCrunch, and NEA. There are four categories – general management, disruptive innovation, product design & marketing, and engineering leadership. Each category is awarded five winners.

This year, there were more women than ever winning awards, including former TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde and Chief Scientist Hilary Mason.

Here are the four female startup founders who were also awarded TechFellows this week:

Clara Shih (Co-Founder & CEO, Hearsay)
Clara co-founded enterprise social media marketing platform Hearsay in 2009, and joined the board of Starbucks in December 2011. Follow her on Twitter at @clarashih.

Victoria Ransom (Founder & CEO, Wildfire Interactive)
Victoria launched Wildfire Interactive, providing a suite of social media marketing software. Follow her on Twitter at @victoria_ransom.

Leila Chirayath Janah (Founder & CEO, Samasource)
Leila Chirayath Janah started Samasource, a non-profit connecting women, youth, and refugees to digital livelihoods. Follow her on Twitter at @leila_c.

Ruchi Sanghvi (Co-Founder, Cove)
The first female engineer at Facebook who launched News Feed, Platform, Connect and Social Plugins is now the co-founder of Cove. Follow her on Twitter at @rsanghvi.

About the writer: Angie Chang co-founded Women 2.0 in 2006. She currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of Women 2.0 and is working to mainstream women in high-growth, high-tech entrepreneurship. Previously, Angie held roles in product management, web UI design, and entrepreneurship. In 2008, Angie launched Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, asking that guys come as the “+1” for once. Angie holds a B.A. in English and Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter at @thisgirlangie.