Every company has a set of underlying values, and these become apparent in the products you deliver to your customers.

The LUXr Workshop For Startup Visions and Values on Tuesday, December 18 in San Francisco, CA helps founders like yourself articulate the purpose of your company and the values that drive you. As founders, you are setting the initial conditions for your startup, and these conditions define the culture as you grow. With a clear purpose and strong values, you can rally your entire team around the vision. Knowing your values and purpose provides a powerful decision-making lens which you can use each day to identify which ideas best serve your vision and which will undermine it.

You’ll work as founder pairs to hone in on the true purpose and vision of your company or product. You’ll craft a purpose statement, work collaboratively to tune it, and identify the core values that make your startup uniquely you.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a clear articulation of the story of your company, and a purpose statement and values pyramid that you can post as a reminder as you forge ahead in your startup.

Who would find it useful?

  • Founders who are just starting out
  • Founders currently pitching investors
  • Founders growing their team
  • Founders who are engaged in brand exploration and who want to identify core attributes of their company

For more info and to register, click here.