By Kelly Hoey (CEO, Foundation for Social Change) Beauty Creams. Exercise Videos. Diets. We’re all skeptical — “will it really work“ — until we see actual results… It’s the same with networking. Until you hear that a friend was offered a job or scored a sought-after interview or received a career-enhancing assignment, you wonder if all the time and effort is really (I mean, really) worth it. It is worth it. Really. I’m going to share some highlights from my career timeline starting in 1998 when I decided to move from Toronto to New York. Everything -– I mean everything -– which has happened to me professionally in this city has occurred as a result of a network. So here (some of) it is:

  • 1998 -– Offered an associate position in the corporate department at Sidley as a result of an introduction by a friend to a senior partner at the firm.
  • 2004 -– Joined the Board of Directors of inMotion, a New York City not-for-profit, after being introduced to the organization by a networking contact. I was vice-chair of the board for 3 years of my 6 year term.
  • 2009/2010 -– I was President of 85 Broads, Chapter leader in New York, networking with tons of accomplished professionals and advising the visionary founder of 85 Broads. The opportunity opened my eyes, expanded my professional horizons, sharpened by business skills….and you got it, lead to more introductions and even more professional opportunities.

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