Women 2.0 is excited to launch the Women 2.0 FoundersCard!If you are a founder of a tech startup, this one is for you. FoundersCard welcomes Women 2.0 founders.

The Women 2.0 FoundersCard is an exclusive offering to founders from Women 2.0 programs and initiatives: Founder Labs alumni, Founder Friday participants, PITCH applicants, attendees from past Women 2.0 events, and all founders recognized on the Female Founders’ to Watch Lists. Apply for a Women 2.0 FoundersCard here.

Is this you? If yes, claim your Women 2.0 FoundersCard now and get benefits on things you need on a day to day basis like a smaller phone bill, discounts on flights on Virgin, discounts on various startup tools like KissMetrics, TaskRabbit, and others. This is that Black AMEX Card the iBankers flaunt around, this your baller card for being a hard-working founder of a tech startup!

Women 2.0 co-founders Shaherose and Angie are proud FoundersCard holders. Shaherose enjoys her discounts on her AT&T Wireless bills, FedEx mailings to her family in Canada, TaskRabbit (because who has time to run errands anymore) and Virgin Atlantic of course. Angie looks forward to using her Uber cab discount and using TaskRabbit again. Check out the full list of Founders benefits here.

More about Founders Card
FoundersCard is a first of its kind members-only community for leading entrepreneurs and innovators. Among our members are the founders and CEOs of many of today’s most successful companies and tomorrow’s most promising ventures. Based in Manhattan, FoundersCard has members in virtually every major city with its largest contingents in New York and San Francisco. Members receive access to over 100 unique benefits and services from the hottest travel, lifestyle, and business partners designed to meet the needs of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. FoundersCard members also enjoy access to our frequent members-only networking events held throughout the year.