Winners of the Jumpstart Your Startup Challenge get their app built.
By Consuelo Valverde (Co-Founder, Expansion Bridge)

I started my first tech company when I was 21 years old. Since then, I have been on all sides of the startup environment: founder, professor, startups’ creation promotor and investor. I know how challenging it can be to find the right resources – talent, funding and technology – to launch a startup. Even for startups that have received funding, it is not easy to build a team, a product and a startup and launch faster and better than their competitors.

Although there are not enough, there are many contests and options for entrepreneurs to get funding. However, I couldn’t find any contest that gave entrepreneurs the possibility to win a software team, a talented team of engineers and designers that could help entrepreneurs build their product and get to market faster. That is how my company Expansion Bridge decided to launch the Jumpstart Your Startup Challenge.

We are excite to launch and sponsor this first challenge that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their mobile or web app from concept to launch. The winning team will get their app built by our software consultancy team that will work with the winning co-founders to build their beta app. This is worth over $25,000! And participants maintain full ownership of the code and product.

To enter the contest, entrepreneurs need to apply as soon as possible. Finalists will pitch their startups to investors and panelists the week of January 14, 2013 in San Francisco and get feedback for their startup. Winners will get their beta app built, additional prizes will be announced.

The contest is a great option if you are looking to launch your web or mobile app much faster!

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About the guest blogger: Consuelo Valverde is co-founder of Expansion Bridge, providing software development teams to startups seeking to accelerate time to market, and to fast growing enterprise and mobile companies. She advises startups in Silicon Valley and Mexico, from early stage to market fit. She is an entrepreneur turned VC, having founded and sold a PC manufacturing company in Mexico and later on an IT training institute prepararing programmers and software developers.