By Penelope Trunk (Co-Founder, Brazen Careerist)

I’m afraid that what the Facebook IPO means for women is nothing. Sandberg is not a role model. She’s an aberration.

You can’t have small kids and a startup if you want to see their kids. I wrote about this on TechCrunch and I got skewered for being bad for women and being a downer in general.

But this week Jeff Atwood wrote in TechCrunch that he’s leaving his startup because it’s impossible to see his kids if he stays. And I don’t see anyone complaining about his declaration.

So probably Sheryl Sandberg is not doing much for women, but I’d have to say that Jeff Atwood is, because it’s not as hard to say “The startup is too hard on my kids” when men are saying it, too.

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