By Elizabeth Boylan (Game Artist, iOS Developer and Founder, VectorBloom)
If you can imagine, at VectorBloom we keep a look out for the latest and greatest trend in mobile development technology.

After custom developing a few Ecard apps in 2010, our company had various inquiries from small business owners and galleries wishing to publish similar art focused Ecard apps for the iPhone and iPad. As one may or may not be aware, the cost of development for mobile continues to be a significant barrier for most business owners wishing to publish and maintain their own iPhone App. After a recent invitation to participate on Binpress, we’ve decided to make this step a whole lot easier for artists, designers and those in stationery business.

We have released to the public the Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit — the very first Starter Kit of its kind to save thousands of dollars in development costs for anyone interested in releasing an iPhone app to market an artist’s portfolio or a line of virtual greeting cards.

As a utility app, the “greeting card and art” portfolio category continues to grow and offer a variety of apps with different artwork. As an artist myself, I recognize how important it is to get your art out there and noticed — to make a name for yourself. At this time in mobile technology, what better way than through an iPhone App?

The starter kit is the cookie cutter template of our free Ecard app, ArtCards By Elizabeth Boylan, VectorBloom’s in-house design response to how an Ecard App should perform (with custom fonts, multiple lines of text and a fun accelerometer driven carousel of customizable ‘ArtCards’).

We’ve made this available as a personal use license package at $100 for distributing a free app on Apple’s App Store, and a reseller license for just under $300 for the release of a commercial iPhone App or for a developer working with up to 10 different client apps.

We are really impressed with the Binpress website. Their review team carries out a thorough approval and review process to make sure the components that are listed are created with integrity and quality for the end user. They offer a 14-day money back guarantee. For mobile developers, buying and selling components is definitely an important consideration when it comes to mobile. It can save weeks of development time.

The Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit ‘template’ saves anyone who wants to promote a line of greeting cards, artwork or photography in an iPhone App the expense of over 300 hours of development time (between $18k to $30k if you’re hiring a developer to build an app from scratch).

There’s very minimal code changes required to get the app ready for distribution, so this is not only a great opportunity for developers working with artists, animators and photographers to use an iPhone App to promote a portfolio of visual work in an engaging and interactive way, but also a great reference tool for learning iOS project development with the accompanied instructions manual and commented code.

We’re really excited to facilitate more artists and illustrators getting their work noticed using our Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit. We can’t wait to see what developers do with the Kit.

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About the guest blogger: Elizabeth Boylan is a Game Artist, iOS Developer and Founder of VectorBloom Technologies. She studied Chemistry at St. Francis Xavier University, business at IESEG in Lille, France, and performed stand-up comedy in Montreal and Vancouver before attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Favorite pasttimes include snowboarding, swimming and playing the violin. She’s currently working on the release of her epic game for girls BigTopBallet™. Follow her on Twitter at @ElizabethBoylan or her mobile game startup at @VectorBloom.