Selina Tobaccowala, founder and SurveyMonkey SVP Product & Engineering, will be discussing emerging markets at the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14!

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

In the U.S., the technology-enabled life is normative. The Silicon Valley boasts Google, Facebook, Twitter and Square revolutionizing the way we live. Sitcoms on TV incorporate social media jokes, actors say “just Google it” on the big screen.

Now imagine the rest of the world(not Hollywood, not industrialized societies) and think about the possibilities in emerging markets – these are geographical areas of business with rapidly growing, industrializing activity. How can technology in the next few years cause and support rapid change – for the better?

At the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14, we will be hosting several discussions on the role of technology in emerging markets and entrepreneurship. Based in San Francisco, we will be talking about innovation and technology to a larger scale – the emerging markets AKA “the next billion”.

Selina Tobaccowala, founder of, will be talking about entering the emerging markets at SurveyMonkey (where she runs the engineering department), in a fireside chat with Kara Swisher, your Women 2.0 Conference host and AllThingsD founder.

More Disruptive Panels at Women 2.0 Conference

At 2:15pm, don’t miss “How To Disrupt & Create Reality For The Next Billion Users” with founders of Easilydo (Hetal Pandya), Flipboard (Marci McCue), LUMO BodyTech (Monisha Perkash), SlideShare (Rashmi Sinha) and Women 2.0 (Shaherose Charania).

At 4:50pm, the emerging markets panel “The Next Billion” features entrepreneurs from Latin America building building new companies for these new markets: Machina co-founder Linda Franco, Wormhole IT co-founder Sally Buberman, UrGiftIn co-founder Vicky Ricaurte and Women 2.0 co-founder Shaherose Charania.

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Women 2.0 readers: What are your thoughts on “The Next Billion”?

Photo credit: Meena Kadri, who notes “Big grin from the slum at Gulbai Tekra. I maintain that you’ll see more people smiling in a slum in India than you will in the CBD of more affluent cities across the globe. Food for thought.”

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