By Maris McEdward (Community Manager, Startup Weekend)
Entrepreneurs are always asking “what’s next?” — What’s the next step? What’s the one connection I can’t afford not to make? What tweak can I make to make my product stronger/better/faster?

But an equally important question is “what can I do to prepare?”

At Startup Weekend, we encourage entrepreneurs to come to us with fresh idea and a willingness to meet and work with potential co-founders. But that doesn’t mean Startup Weekend attendees can’t prepare before the event in order to make the most of those precious 54 hours.

On Wednesday, Startup Weekend and Google announced a two year partnership designed to support entrepreneurial education through pre-Startup Weekend Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs).

Pre-Startup Weekend GTUG workshops let entrepreneurs work on their technical skills, meet new people, and get feedback on tech/startup ideas. Even better, those new skills will be put to use just days later at Startup Weekend when new GTUG connections become teammates.

GTUG workshops are already scheduled in Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas, and internationally in London, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo. New cities will be added over the coming months.

Startup Weekend and GTUG leaders in other cities are encouraged to contact Startup Weekend to develop pre-event workshop opportunities through this partnership.

So whether you code in your sleep or are just getting started, attending a pre-Startup Weekend GTUG will help you put your most prepared foot forward come pitch night.

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About the guest blogger: Maris McEdward is the Community Manager at Startup Weekend, where she tries to keep up with the startup activities of over 30,000 passionate, hard-working entrepreneurs. When not sharing startup success stories, Maris can be found combing through the antique markets and browsing the local farmers’ market. Maris holds a B.A. from Agnes Scott College and an MBA from the University of Florida. Follow her on Twitter at @mmcedward.