By Liz Gannes (Writer, AllThingsD)
Social Web entrepreneurs with successful careers just can’t seem to find their way to a happy and boring retirement.

Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake just announced Pinwheel, joining Ev Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter and now Obvious, Joshua Schachter of Delicious and now Jig, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen of YouTube and now Delicious, Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning of Napster and now Airtime, among others, back at the drawing board.

Sure, the new startups from these people have a long way to go before achieving the impact of their predecessors, and fresh new innovators like Pinterest and Voxer are popping up all the time.

But the good thing is that the repeat entrepreneurs keep evolving their ideas about how people interact, share and express themselves online.

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Photo credit: Robert Scoble.