RailsGirls San Francisco is a free crash course on how to build web applications with Ruby on Rails.

By Crystal C. Yan (Marketing Intern, StackMob)

My colleagues and I at StackMob are on a mission to bring some RailsGirls love to San Francisco.

RailsGirls San Francisco on June 29-30, 2012 is a free crash course on how to build web applications with Ruby on Rails. You get to learn designing, prototyping and coding with help from coaches. And in addition to coding, you also get to hear great lightning talks and meet other like-minded women.

Think of it as a conference with an immediate deliverable: less talk, lots of action.

This event is for women of any age with basic knowledge of working with a computer. And while most attendees are in their twenties, women of all ages are welcome. All you need is a laptop and passion for learning.

It’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. The women leading this event are awesome, and have organized these events all over the world: in Amsterdam, Krakow, Helsinki, Berlin, Tallinn, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Apply now to attend RailsGirls San Francsico – applications are due June 25!

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About the guest blogger: Crystal C. Yan is a marketing intern at StackMob, a mobile development platform. Crystal is passionate about emerging markets, technology, and design, with work experience at tech startups in San Francisco and IT firms in Bangalore. She is pursuing a BA in Economics at Amherst College, and will be working and studying in London, Shanghai, Beijing, Delhi, Dakar, and Buenos Aires next year. Follow her on Twitter at @crystalcy.