By Maris McEdward (Community Manager, Startup Weekend)
The Internet is full of articles describing, lamenting, and diagnosing the fact that there aren’t enough women in tech. And it’s true — women are under-represented in technology and as entrepreneurs.

But talking about the problem doesn’t do a whole lot to change the situation. If women want to be better represented in the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship, we have to act.

I’ve seen firsthand, again and again, the power of doing over discussing. At Startup Weekend, we’ve taken the motto of “No Talk. All Action.” to heart. Entrepreneurs know that to build companies we have to go out there and create them, not round table talk them into existence. Why would building communities be any different?

This September 9th – 11th at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View, Startup Weekend is holding a Mega Event -— the biggest Startup Weekend in history with a focus on not one but three verticals: Gaming, Health, and Education. Women are already power players in health and education. Let’s leverage our know-how and strong presence in these industries to affect change in the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, gaming, and beyond!

So grab a few friends, bring your best ideas, and come prepared to knock the socks off everyone in the room. Just like the next big startup, building a community of female entrepreneurs (and their supportive male counterparts) can start with anyone, anywhere.

So why not you? Why not now?

Please join us at Mega Startup Weekend on September 9-11 in Mountain View, CA!

Women 2.0 members save 20% on tickets to Mega Startup Weekend with discount code “women2” when you register here.
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About the guest blogger: Maris McEdward is the Community Manager at Startup Weekend, where she tries to keep up with the startup activities of over 30,000 passionate, hard-working entrepreneurs. When not sharing startup success stories, Maris can be found combing through the antique markets and browsing the local farmers’ market. Maris holds a B.A. from Agnes Scott College and an MBA from the University of Florida. Follow her on Twitter at @mmcedward.