By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)
Facebook apps can be as complicated as Frontierville, or as simple as a Facebook app that simply announces to all your Facebook friends, “I’m pregnant!”

Last weekend, a dozen SF-WOW attendees built from scratch a Facebook app to announce a pregnancy to their friends. The workshop is based on a blog post I wrote: Making a Simple Facebook App in 20 Minutes.

We covered the core aspects of Facebook development, namely OAuth2.0 and the Graph API.

Check out the Facebook app we built in 20 minutes! Visit and the blog post with instructions on how to get your own Facebook app up and running in 20 minutes. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post (“Further Reading”) for access to FB API documentation.

Intro slides from the “Making a Simple Facebook App in 20 Minutes” workshop are below.

Thanks to SF-WOW and Doremus for the organization efforts and space, respectively.

About the guest blogger: Anna Billstrom is a developer with Momentus Media, a startup in the Mission District of San Francisco specializing in helping brands go viral. Their recent app “8 Bit Your Pic” for Black Eyed Peas saw 2 million users in 2 weeks. She’s done the gamut of OLAP DB modeling to iPhone development and Ruby on Rails. Currently, Anna is enjoying the fast lane of rapid, viral app development on Facebook. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter at @banane.