Everything on this gift list is special.

Here are more than a dozen handpicked favorites, selected by our editors, who scoured the web (and asked around) for things unusual, cutting-edge, fun, and useful. You’re sure to find a Chanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s gift here for someone who loves technology, plus we’ve included a few subscriptions and apps that make life easier and more interesting.

#1 A home robot (who talks)

Jibo will check your flight status, take pictures of you, tell you the weather forecast, crack jokes, and dance, among other things. Starts around $900.


#2 A home robot (who doesn’t talk, but beeps and chirps adorably)

Kuri, the cuter home robot, produced by Mayfield Robotics, a company launched by women. Kuri doesn’t speak, but he/she does communicate, take photos, move around your house, store information, and more. $799.


#3 A box

Like Tinker Crates for grownups, a Maker Box from Quarterly is right for people who love making things with their hands and also love getting presents in the mail.  Curated by people like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Adam Savage, the boxes each include three DIY projects. $89 per crate with the one-year subscription. 



Or give the gift of a crate or box from a company founded or run by women. For instance, a KIDBOX full of well-made, attractive clothing for kids would be a welcome present for a mom too busy for dragging her kids to the mall. Plus, for every box you get, they donate an item of clothing to a kid in need. We featured the CEO, Miki Racine Berardelli, a few months ago and were impressed. Starting at around $58 for a box of 6-8 items. 

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#4 A book

This recent classic, featuring thrilling first-person accounts from truly kick-ass women in tech, included a chapter by Women 2.0’s founder: Women In Tech is great bedside table material. $11. 

#5 An infographic print

Attractive and informative, this poster makes the world of startup funding clearer. What a great (and unexpected) gift for the entrepreneur on your list. Around $15.


#6 A camera


Rylo camera lets you shoot 360 video that is stable (thanks to a new technology) and editable on your smartphone. $499. 

#7 A stake in a company founded by women

Invest as little as $10 in a private startup funded by a woman at Republic, a platform for crowdfunding of new companies.

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#8 A workout app

Way less than a Crossfit membership, the Aaptiv app gives you a trainer in your earbud, plus good music. (Women 2.0 CEO Kate Brodock loves Aaptiv.) Switch up your daily workouts between road running, treadmill, lifting, yoga, etc.


#9 A bargain

You don’t have to be a lush to appreciate this deal: 30 drinks a month for the price of one drink. Even a moderate imbiber will benefit from a Hooch subscription. $9.99 per month. 


#10 A wifi-extender

Are there places in the house where the wi-fi is weak? Unacceptable. Get them a Google Mesh. Around $268. 


#11 A musical instrument

Populele, a smart ukulele, uses tech to make learning to play easy. And since the ukulele is already one of the world’s easier instruments to learn, this will have you concert-ready fast. $149.


#12 A working vacation

Is it too good to be true? No, it’s true and good and really happening! Go Be Here facilitates “month-to-month living around the world for women.” It’s for professional women who want flexibility in their lives.

So, instead of buying her socks or a PlayStation, maybe set her up with a one-month stay somewhere exotic, where she can get her remote work done, be a free spirit digital nomad, all the while enjoying a beautiful apartment, gym membership, a co-workspace, networking, and community events. Wow.

If you’re looking for something simpler or shorter term, book a room for her on Wanderful, a worldwide homesharing network for women.



#13 A class

A masterclass in electronic music production from deadmau5 is a deeply cool gift that combines the pleasure of an activity with the longevity of an object, since the student will surely produce some music during the class. $90 per class (which is 6 hours of video lessons) or $180 for access to all their classes for a year. 



Or how about a 29-lesson class on conservation by the legendary pioneer Dr. Jane Goodall?

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Happy holidays and happy gift giving!

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