Check out this infographic that dives into the results from the #ChoosePossibility.

By Deborah Jackson (Founder & CEO, Plum Alley)

This post originally appeared on Plum Alley

Last week Re/Code ran a story powerfully titled Tech Women Choose Possibility by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the Founder and Chair of Joyus. The article mentioned her personal experience as a successful women tech entrepreneur and also presented the results of a survey she had conducted with 230 women tech entrepreneurs and female venture capitalists. I was one of the women founders in the survey and you can see the list of women in the survey on Medium.

The survey revealed some important conclusions:

1. Women don’t need engineering degrees to have successful tech companies
2. Most successful women entrepreneurs have faced gender bias
3. The women entrepreneurs in the survey were successful at raising outside capital

Below is an infographic we created to highlight more of the survey results. Everyday we make choices about living in a way that furthers what matters to us. Join us to #ChoosePossibility by supporting women entrepreneurs and those who invest in them.