Latina entrepreneurs on what it takes for Hispanic businesses to make it in today’s competitive landscape.
By Maria Botta (Contributor, Latin Business Today)

I had the great pleasure of interviewing two bright and unique Latina business owners in very different industries. The first, Lynn Ponder founded Peliculas Ponder and most recently a social media venture called webcitygirls//.

The second is Maria Fischer the CEO and Founder of Bientech International, a technical, scientific and professional services solutions provider for national and international customers in defense, government, commercial and academic sectors.

Lynn Ponder recommends, work hard, know your audience and have a good product to offer.

Maria Fischer quotes Mahatma Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win”.

Lynn Ponder the “serial entrepreneur” and Twitter Powerhouse

Lynn Ponder was born and raised in Puerto Rico and started two self funded entrepreneurial ventures in Miami, Florida. The Huffington Post recently named her a “Twitter PowerHouse”. Having known her for a very long time, I was not surprised.

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About the guest blogger: Maria Botta is a regular contributor to Latin Business Today. She writes on business topics, creativity and Latina entrepreneurship. Maria has worked as a Creative Consultant and Producer, creating relevant and engaging online video content. She holds an EMBA in Global Management from Thunderbird’s prestigious European program in Geneva, Switzerland and an Art History degree from Mt. Holyoke College. Follow her on Twitter at @MariaBotta.