12 prestigious awards were given out to outstanding leaders in tech last night. Here’s the short report on who took home what title.

By Shaherose Charania (Co-founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

It was a packed house last night at the first-ever (sold out) Women 2.0 Awards. More than 400 women and men came together to celebrate and honor companies and individuals who are reshaping the tech industry. Below is the official list of our honorees and what awards they won (see official press release).

The Women 2.0 Awards honored company culture, leadership, industry impact, lifetime achievement, and other noteworthy successes and awards were given to tech icons including Kara Swisher (Re/code), Megan Smith (U.S. Chief Technology Officer), Selina Tobaccowala (SurveyMonkey President and CTO), and carefully-selected investment, engineering, entrepreneurial, and media change-makers.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve been seeing a growing community of founders and investors that don’t fit the ‘typical mold’ for the tech company founder, and investor. This new community is different, it’s innovative, and it’s driving change for the tech workforce, and leaders of tomorrow. These leaders are closely tied to the Women 2.0 community and we have been watching them reach new heights while they simultaneously give back with of their energy, time and knowledge to the Women 2.0 community.

The energy reached a peak during the night for the last award, the top honor, The Unstoppable Award being given to Megan Smith, previously a VP at Google[x] and now, more recently the Chief Technology Officer at the White House for the United States of America. Each honoree reminded us that there are many sides of the technology industry, beyond what you see covered in the news. These other sides are growing, succeeding and diversifying thoughts, ideas, businesses, and more from the ground up. Have a look below at our honorees!

Category 1: Icons

Companies who show what’s possible when potential is elevated.

  • Culture Creator AwardCulture Creator Awards — Presenting sponsor: Lyft

    Celebrating a company that’s winning through “diversity by design” and showing the value gains that happen when a culture is built on equal opportunity.

    • Culture Creator Award Honoree
      • Etsy (award accepted for Etsy by, Lara Hogan, Senior Engineering Manager)
    • Culture Shaper Award Honorees
      • Pandora (accepting for Pandora, Lisa Lee, Head of Diversity)
      • Indiegogo (award accepted for Indiegogo by, Danae Ringelman, Cofounder & Chief Development Officer)
      • Eventbrite  (award accepted for Eventbrite by, Julie Hartz, Cofounder and President)
  • Leading By Example AwardLeading by Example Award — Presenting Sponsor: KPMG

    Spotlighting a leading company that is actively supporting diversity in the tech startup ecosystem with education, programming, and full inclusion well beyond their four walls.

    • Leading by Example Award Honoree
      • Google (award to be accepted by Mary Grove, Google for Entrepreneurs)
  • Founders to WatchFounders to Watch Award (Public nominations)

    Applauding a high-potential startup that’s built from a core of diversity, with talent and contribution as the only keys to team selection and success.

    • Founders to Watch Honorees
      • Danielle Morrill, Mattermark
      • Holly Liu, Kabam
      • Privahini Bradoo, BlueOak Resources
      • Adi Tatarko, HOUZZ
      • Amanda Kahlow, 6sense

Category 2: Change Agents

Investors and others who are accelerating the rise of diversity.

  • Accelerant AwardAccelerant Award

    Celebrating the growth-driving investors who have helped elevate diverse early-stage innovations to high-potential businesses through impactful acceleration.

    • Accelerant Award Honoree
      • Dave McClure, 500 Startups
  • Catalyst AwardCatalyst Award — Presenting Sponsor: Dorsey & Whitney LLP

    Saluting the forward-thinking visionaries who are funding change through early investment in a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs and startups.

    • Catalyst Award Honorees
        • Freada Kapor Klein, Kapor Capital
        • Andrea Zurek, XG Ventures
        • Ann Miura-Ko, Floodgate (Award to be accepted by Leah Busque, Taskrabbit)
        • Aileen Lee, Cowboy Ventures

      Christina Brodbeck, Rivet Venture Partners (Award to be accepted by Shadi Mehraein, Rivet Ventures)

  • 10x Award10x Award — Presented by Ann Winblad, Hummer-Winblad Ventures

    Saluting the high-stakes contributors who have created economic and social value through visionary investment of capital and advisory resources.

    • 10x Award Honorees
      • Kate Mitchell, Scale Venture Partners
      • Sonja Perkins, Menlo Ventures / Broadway Angels
      • Theresia Gouw, Aspect Ventures
      • Beth Seidenberg, KPCB
      • Maha Ibrahim, Canaan Partners
  • Luminary AwardLuminary

    Acknowledging a visionary voice of influence who has used media to elevate visibility for the important social, economic, and innovation impact of diversity in tech.

    • Media Luminary Award Honoree
      • Kara Swisher, re/code
    • Media Impact Award
      • Alexia Tsotsis, TechCrunch
      • Ina Fried, re/code

Category 3: Game Changers

Women of impact and influence who serve as role models, inspiration, and gamechangers for diversity in tech.

  • Legacy Creator AwardLegacy Creator Award — Presenting Sponsor: OpenTable

    Paying tribute to a leader whose long-term contribution has created lasting change for all participants in our industry – and beyond.

    • Legacy Creator Award Honoree
      • Selina Tobaccowala, CTO, Surveymonkey (Founder, Evite)
  • Engineering VisionaryEngineering Visionary Award

    Celebrating a visionary builder who has harnessed the power of innovation to break through the barriers of what’s possible in tech.

    • Engineering Visionary Award Honoree
      • Jocelyn Goldfein, Investor and Advisor; former Facebook Director of Engineering
  • Impact Builder AwardImpact Builder Award

    Applauding the people who create jobs, economic growth, and lasting value by founding and building companies with noteworthy financial impact.

    • Impact Builder Award Honoree
      • Paula Long, CEO and Co-Founder, DataGravity
  • trailblazer_PNGTrailblazer Award — Presenting Sponsor: GE Ventures

    Acknowledging the path-clearing work of visionaries who challenged assumptions, elevated new standards, and set an example for all who followed.

    • Trailblazer Award Honorees
      • Heidi Roizen, DFJ
      • Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe (Esther Wojcicki, Mother to accepted award on behalf)
      • Yoky Matsuoka, Twitter/NEST
  • Unstoppable AwardThe Unstoppable Award

    Elevating the example of an outstanding role model who rewrites the rules and blazes forward, reimagining what is possible for a vision-driven, game-changing tech talent.

    • Unstoppable Award Honoree
      • Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer, The White House, United States of America

Thank you again to all of our sponsors; we could not have done this event without you.

Attendees – we had a great night with you and were amazed by the energy that was in the room. We hope some life-changing connections were made and a great time was had by all. Thank you for celebrating with us.

And finally, if you’d like to help further the mission of Women 2.0, take a look at out our new friends of Women 2.0 program.

Photo by Elvina Beck.