“Friends of Women 2.0” offers a more direct way to support diverse innovation.

By Shaherose Charania (Co-founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

It is through Women 2.0 City Meetup, our blog, our PITCH competition and conferences, that we’ve seen people get inspired to take the plunge into the world of tech and entrepreneurship.

They’ve quit their jobs to make their dreams a reality and we’ve watched them meet their co-founder, first hire, first investor, the list goes on – all through our programs, especially City Meetup.

It’s really as simple as providing connectivity to a global community that leads to change.

The Story of Awesome Founder

A few months ago, in the midst of talking to sponsors for the Women 2.0 Awards, a leader in the community – a founder and an investor, stepped forward and said, “This movement matters to me and I’d love to give back.” This person, let’s call her Awesome Founder, told me her Women 2.0 story. (We all have a women 2.0 story).

Awesome Founder was busy working in tech, succeeding, failing, creating, making things happen when her daughter, who gets excited about video games and computers, said she wanted to attend a summer computer camp. Later, after learning she’d be one of the few girls to participate, she decided to drop out explaining, “I can’t relate to the boys”. It was enough for her to not join in a passion of hers.

And that’s when Awesome Founder talked to Women 2.0.

“I’m not a big company but I’d like to give and be one of your supporting sponsors,” she told us. She saw the power of Women 2.0, the importance of this media brand to drive more women into tech and entrepreneurship. She wanted to simply pay it forward by pushing our work forward. From that conversation we set up with the “Friends of Women 2.0” program, targeted at individuals interested in giving to Women 2.0.

How It Works and What It Gives You

“Friend of Women 2.0” supporters ($500 contribution) will receive:

  • 10 tickets to City Meetup in any city we are having an event in. These tickets can be used within 3 months.
  • “Friends of Women 2.0” can share the free passes on social media, or give them directly to people you know who would benefit from attending (both women and men).
  • Friends will have the choice of anonymous or public recognition on the City Meetup event website.
  • Friends will also receive a special social media shout out and thank you from our team.

We will thank you, we will hug you and we will list you (if you want) on the event page as “Friend of Women 2.0” for the first 3 months after you’ve made the contribution. It is with the help of supporters like you that Women 2.0 is able to pursue our mission of increasing the number of diverse founders and leaders in tech startups. Thank you to our community for your continued support and love!

Become a Friend of Women 2.0 Today!