By Ki Mae Heussner (Writer, AdWeek)
Women in technology don’t lack smarts, solid ideas, sharp management skills, or any of the other ingredients needed to succeed in a competitive industry.

But here’s one talent that might be helpful to hone: self-promotion.

At a Glamour magazine-sponsored panel Tuesday, moderated by longtime tech reporter and co-executive editor of AllThingsD, Kara Swisher, leading women from Google, Microsoft, Zynga, and bitly talked about why they don’t have more company in technology.

The hour-long conversation drew out a range of deep-rooted social challenges: the hyper-competitive, and often dry, way computer science is taught; how young girls are socialized to think about math and science; and how the primarily male venture capital community selects startups to fund.

But it also carried one key message for the women in the industry: Don’t worry about failing; just get your idea out.

“The advice I would give is actually something I learned from studying science and math, which is that science is really about failing—all the time,” said Hilary Mason, chief scientist for the startup bitly. “You come up with ideas, you try things and they don’t work most of the time. So you really have to get comfortable with experimenting, failing, and not take it as a reflection on yourself, or how good you are at what you’re doing.”

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