You’ve been asking, now MasterCard is helping us bring a presence to “T-Dot”. Help us spread the word!

By Jin Zhou (Programs Manager, Women 2.0)

We’re arriving in another thriving metropolis that is ranked the 4th largest tech hub in the world.

Any guesses??


….Hello Toronto!

According to Shaharis Bay, the founder of HackerNest, the tech scene in Toronto is going to keep growing.

City officials in Toronto would also like to see the tech scene continue to grow. They also would like to see the tech culture bolster in Waterloo and later on connect both cities.

Thanks to MasterCard, we are bringing City Meetup to Toronto, November 6th! This marks the second city in Canada Women 2.0 has brought City Meetup to (in case you were wondering, the first is Vancouver!). Women 2.0’s CEO, Shaherose Charania, will be speaking at the event, hosted at MasterCard in Canada and while she’s in town she’ll visit her new nephew!

Help us spread the word to your tech networks in Toronto! Remember City Meetup is open to both men + women.

Get early-bird tickets for City Meetup in Toronto.

*Photo of Toronto Skyline via Graham / Flickr.