Congrats to Misa Chien and Syed Raythan, the team behind Fosubo, the latest finalist to be announced for our upcoming PITCH Competition.

By Dana Rosenberg (PITCH Coordinator, Women 2.0)

Our online judges have been busy reviewing all of the PITCH applications, with our conference now just weeks away. PITCH Finalists will be competing on stage for prize packages that would make any entrepreneur swoon!

Today we are excited to announce our seventh PITCH Finalist Fosubo, which is the most effective way for businesses to receive feedback about their employees. Watch them pitch live and get feedback from top-shelf investors!

Company Description


Short for Forget the Suggestions Box, Fosubo is a B2B SaaS solution that allows customers to easily create reviews for specific employees with whom they’ve interacted. The employee’s reviews– visible by managers, owners, and/or the employees themselves– are centrally gathered, and are processed and analyzed in order to provide actionable insights to the company’s right stakeholders.

Fosubo allows people to review specific employees in three simple steps:

  • Fosubo’s software sends the customer a text message with a link– they can automatically review the employee at hand just by clicking the URL.

  • The employee’s picture and job title show up in their profile and the customer uses their smartphone to provide real-time feedback about their experience.

  • Customers can optionally provide an email address, opt-in to receive a coupon and answer additional questions.

Fosubu is already working with several companies, including a major T-Mobile retailer and a Chevrolet Dealership and is getting amazing customer feedback. Their customers have great things to say too.  Since implementing Fosubo, the T-Mobile store owner James Chung says that “Fosubo brought our customer service score from the bottom 10% to #2 in the US out of 56 franchisees.” In October, Fosubo received $25,000 in funding from Right Side Capital Management who has since committed to a second investment of another $25,000 after noting Fosubo’s considerable traction.

Founder Bios

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.50.45 PM

Misa Chien is a veteran entrepreneur with a passion for customer service. Misa decided to establish Fosubo based on her experience with her previous business, Nom Nom Truck. While checking online reviews sites, she would try to pinpoint which positive or negative reviews were attributed to which employee. As a frustrated business owner, Misa came up with the idea of Fosubo.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.50.29 PM
Syed Rayhan, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, learned the importance of customer service early on at his previous startups. Syed focuses on developing Fosubo products to ensure it always meets our clients’ expectations and needs.



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dana_rosenber_profile_imgDana Rosenberg (@DanaRosenberg) is Director of Business Development at Rock Health. Prior to Rock Health, Dana led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and was a consultant at Easton Associates, a healthcare strategy consulting firm.
Image credit: KennyThong Candid via Flickr