Get ready to learn all about UX, with one of the leading industry experts.

By Jessica Schimm (Digital Audience Engagement Lead, Women 2.0)

Lean UX. It’s what startups need to get off the ground, quickly.

Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups from the O’Reilly Lean Series, knows all about it. Having spent 15 years as an engineer and designer, she’s witnessed a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to launching.

“It’s really all about not making the mistakes over and over. It’s a lot more fun to make new mistakes,” she told Women 2.0 a few weeks ago.

Laura also mentors at Tradecraft, an immersive training program for those who want to dive into UX design, growth, sales and business development. See what she says in the video below and see her speak at our HowTo Conference (Sept. 30 – Oct. 1)

Video Produced by Ayesha Rizvi (Multimedia & Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0).

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