Check out the first video from our new How-To series. Hint; it’s about your applications for PITCH!

By Ayesha Rizvi (Multimedia & Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

Awesome news! We just launched a new video series as part of the Women 2.0 content you probably already love. In light of our upcoming How-To themed conference in San Francisco this fall, we’ll be letting all of you in on short How-To tips shared by some of the most influential women we know, on video. Our first video features advice on “How-To Write The Perfect Application For PITCH,”  directly from our fabulous PITCH coordinator, Dana Rosenberg.

About Dana

Dana Rosenberg is currently a summer associate at Maveron LLC in San Francisco, California. She has previously been a director of business development at Rock Health, led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and been a consultant at Easton Associates, a healthcare strategy consulting firm. Dana first joined Women 2.0 as a coordinator for South Bay where she handled all things related to City Meetup, formerly known as Founder Friday. Today, she has looked through countless PITCH applications and helped numerous participants before, during and after their involvement in competitions at our past conferences.  She’s is eager to look through the applications for the competition in September and We’re so excited that she’s joining us again.

All applications for PITCH are due by July 31, get yours in today!