Female role models are important for women in business. Find ones you can look up to and with whom you can relate.

By Young Entrepreneur Council

Finding mentors is hard; finding a fellow female entrepreneur to mentor you can seem even harder. But Shara Senderoff of Intern Sushi has some insights on finding fantastic female role models, both to look to as celebrities and for solid, grounded advice.

  • Get inspiration from women who have paved the way for you. Think Anne Sweeney at the Disney Company and Stacy Snider who runs Dreamworks.
  • Reach out to your peers. Reach out to other female entrepreneurs who are dealing with the same problems you might be having.

Looking both to “celebrity” role models and other young female entrepreneurs can help you see solutions you may not have considered before. Watch the video for her full advice.

This post originally appeared on Startup Collective

Where do you look for female role models and mentors?