Thanks to scholarship tickets from Kapor Capital, we have ten incredible women joining us for our Las Vegas conference. Get to know them a little better!

By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

Oakland-based investment fund Kapor Capital invests in seed stage information technology companies to generate economic value and positive social impact.

This month, they contributed ten scholarships for entrepreneurial women of color to attend the upcoming Women 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas November 14 & 15. We are excited to have them join us! Here is a little more about the recipients.

Nena Nena Ugwuomo

Nena Ugwuomo is the Founder and CEO of The Student Dream; non-profit startup skills training ground for brilliant yet untapped urban entrepreneurs. Nena is a dynamic young woman with a passion for people, business, and education. Her experiences, skills, and fire joy of a personality allow her to breathe life into high impact ideas that transform businesses, people, communities, and the world.



ceciliaCecilia Corral

Cecilia Corral is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing an M.S./Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. She is a Product Manager at Anjna Patient Education where she is focused on creating culturally and linguistically relevant health education content, as well as changing the way technology is created for underserved communities Through her research, she hopes to create curriculum standards for engineering in K-12 and change the way students discover, learn, and explore engineering.



StephanieStephanie Margossian

Stephanie Margossian is a founder at TRAIL and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. TRAIL is a digital literacy education company that focuses on building online tools that teach people Internet skills. Prior to TRAIL, Stephanie was an education advocate in Sacramento specializing in early child development issues. She has many years of experience in education policy in California, and was named Advocate of the Year by TeenNOW California in 2010.



joanieJoannie Diaz

Joannie Diaz is a trading analyst at a Fortune 500 company in NYC. A graduate from Syracuse University with a BS in Finance and Economics she always wanted to be a strong business woman working in finance. She is the co-founder of Be Moxie which is an online platform for growing women professionals. Joannie along with her other two co-founders identified a gap in the resources that allowed women of color to seek guidance towards professional growth.



marlinMarlin Page

Marlin Page is a Speaker, Founder of Sisters Code, Technology Strategist empowering women and girls in S.T.E.M. and Life, Internet Safety Evangelist, Motivator and Author. Sisters Code’s mission is to “Awaken the Mature Geek,” by empowering, educating, and enticing women to explore the world of coding and technology. Most recently, Marlin was selected to serve as a keynote speaker for Microsoft Corporation’s Global DigiGirlz Program and Camps.



LaquittaLaquitta DeMerchant

Founder and Owner of Fuzion Apps, Inc. Laquitta DeMerchant leads product management and quality assurance for their award winning mobile app, Aequitas. Prior to starting Fuzion Apps, Laquitta served as a Services Account Manager and Facility Security Officer for NetIQ. She also has served in a variety of positions, including Technical Services Consulting Manager, Systems Analyst and Presales Consultant for some of the largest technology companies in the world.



KomalKomal Kushal Raj

Komal Kushal Raj is a co-founder of NUMARI – a fashion-tech startup that offers custom-fit women’s apparel. Komal believes that impeccable presentation is the key to feeling more confident and empowered. At NUMARI, she is finally allowing women to do exactly that – by making perfectly tailored designer wear more accessible. Komal enjoys bringing together the worlds of fashion and technology and is building a brand focused on helping women look and feel their very best.



Elen Awalom

Elen is a technologist, Afrofuturist fine artist and the founder/CEO of early stage company, Curatoric currently based in San Francisco, California. With a background in social justice, fine art, anthropology, and web development, Ms. Awalom is the mastermind of a start-up that is focused on transforming the way that African art is collected and purchased, utilizing the power of technology.



Fridelande Rosas

Fridelande Rosas is pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Full Sail University and expected to graduate the month of September 2014 in Web Design and Development. Aside from school I’m a stay at home mother of a 4 year old and try to make time to support local meet up groups with in our industry such as Orlando Girl Geek, Women & Minorities in Tech Central Florida and Team Treehouse.



hosanHosan Lee

Hosan Lee is Founder and CEO of TableTribes, a company that addresses the growing issue of social isolation and our basic human need for face-to-face connectivity by matching people over food and drink. TableTribes uses technology, design and social psychology to facilitate meaningful relationship building opportunities in a network-building style that brings us back-to-basics. The goal is to create a healthy and productive global society by helping lay the foundation for a healthy and productive individual.