Happy Summer! Here’s what caught our attention this week. Join in on the discussion and tell us what you have been reading.

By Jordan Hunter (Editorial Intern, Women 2.0)

  • In “How To Be A Coder at 35,” a self-proclaimed “hard-core English major” wants to learn coding to use in her career as a Stanford University Libraries archivist. She enrolls in a coding boot camp and eventually lands an entry-level job as a coder at the age of 35.
  • Pantene’s newest commercial is creating quite the buzz. Since being released on June 18th, it has received over half a million views. The video, shown in “Sorry, Not Sorry–Why Women Need To Stop Apologizing For Everything,” addressed that women apologize too often in everyday situations, which makes others view them as subservient and inferior. The video is part of Pantene’s #shinestrong campaign, encouraging women to shine and feel empowered.

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