Coming to our SF conference February 13th and 14th? Here’s a list of delicious foodie hot spots you won’t want to miss from an SF local. 
By Arti Sharma (Global Founder Friday Coordinator, Women 2.0)

After a jam-packed day at our SF 2014 conference, you’re bound to be ready for a big plate of food. Here at Women 2.0, we love food, and this city is a foodie’s goldmine  -with almost every kind of food available from a variety of cultures.  One of my favorite ways of getting to know a (new) city is to try the food it has to offer, and while chain restaurants can be a safe bet, there are plenty of hidden gems to try and explore in San Francisco.

Whether you’re having some down time after Women 2.0’s 2014 SF conference, catching up at a business dinner or recapping the conference at brunch, you can’t go wrong with these recommendations.

The most popular places to eat like a local (influenced by an unscientific poll with my friends):

  • Brenda’s French Soul Food: If you love soul food as much as we do and consider yourself a morning person, you should make your way to Brenda’s. A beignet from Brenda’s is sure to make your day. Reservations are not accepted – so get there early to beat the line.
  • Tadich Grill: Looking for a piece of history? Look no further than the Tadich Grill. Tadich Grill is San Francisco’s and California’s oldest restaurant. From friendly service to amazing seafood, Tadich Grill is a great place to eat. Tadich Grill does not take reservations and is usually busy at lunchtime and dinner time, Monday through Saturday, so plan ahead.
  • The Plant Cafe: If you want a view of the Bay while eating one of the best kale salads in San Francisco, The Plant Cafe (on Pier 3) is the place for you. Everything they serve is made with 100% organic and local ingredients. Their diverse menu will have something to offer for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Reservations are accepted.
  • Foreign Cinema: This quintessential San Francisco restaurant offers great food in a industrial chic setting in San Francisco’s Mission district. Where else can you see a foreign film in a outdoor courtyard while you enjoy dinner? Reservations are accepted.
  • Nopa: Built in the 1920’s as a bank, nopa is considered a neighborhood restaurant for everyone. The bank’s vault is now used as the wine cellar. They serve simple, rustic food that is great to have on your own or with new friends that you met at our conference. Reservations are accepted.

Enjoy this fabulous city one dish at time.

Photo by  cbcastro / Flickr.

Do you know of other great spots in SF? Add your recommendations to the list!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.44.35 AMArti is the Global Founder Friday Coordinator at Women 2.0. She loves creating opportunities for people to meet each other and grow their networks. Follow her on Twitter at @artimsharma.