Verizon Powerful Answers Award

Verizon is looking for innovators to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Encouraging entrepreneurs, worldwide, to take their ideas to the next level, Verizon is offering $6 million in awards for solutions in the following categories:

  1. Education: Advance technologies and the cloud make much more possible: anytime anywhere learning, student and teacher analytics, collaboration and gamification learning are all new areas to explore.
  2. Healthcare: New solutions that connect clinicians, patients, and critical information for instant results that can dramatically reduce costs and save lives. Innovations in personal medicine, communication and care coordination, and active living and wellness can really empower people.
  3. Sustainability: Technology can find efficiencies and help industry and individuals do more, more cleanly with less. New innovations in green energy, energy efficiency and smart living can truly impact the environment and our world.
  4. Transportation: Innovative technologies can reduce the complexities of transport.  Smarter driving, urban solutions that reduce congestion and logistics solutions can all make an impact on our physical world.

Each category will winner will receive $1 million, and two runners up per category will receive $250,000.

How can you deliver a break-through idea? Last year’s winners are a great source of inspiration.

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