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By Betsy Mikel (Editor, Women 2.0)

  • 3 Things Men Need to Stop Saying to Women Entrepreneurs” recaps a few top pet peeves founders of the technology and culture website Model View Culture Shanley Kane and Amelia Greenhall have from their male colleagues. One of the worst things you can say? “What’s your real job?”: But the assumption is always that women’s startups aren’t their “real jobs,” but rather just side projects or hobbies. Even when a woman is getting her startup off the ground while working at another company, why isn’t she commended for “bootstrapping” rather than having her work minimized by constant suggestions that it isn’t “real”?
  • Check out “A Hackathon Designed By Women, For Women, To Solve The Gender Gap.” Cassidy Williams worked with Microsoft to organize the International Women’s Hackathon last month and wants make hackathons more welcoming for female coders. One simple change she made from the male-centric hackathons she had attended in the past: Make sure there were women’s bathrooms.
  • In “Ten Brazilian Female Tech Innovators You Should Know,” meet entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the tech scene in Brazil. Included on the list are Lucia Freitas, a journalist and the founder of LuluzinhaCamp, an online network for women in tech, and Bedy Yang the founder of Brazil Innovators, a network of over 3,000 tech entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders.
  • Many entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of downtime, a.k.a. time you could be spending working on your business. Read “A Workaholics Guide to Taking a Break” to learn a few tips from Ruzwana Bashir, co-founder and CEO of travel startup She schedules and structures her downtime in a way that will be productive for her business.
  • Model View Culture, an independent media platform covering technology, culture and diversity published An Open Letter on Feminism In Tech. Divya Manian, Jessica Dillon, Sabrina Majeed, Joanne McNeil, Sara J Chipps, Kat Li, Ellen Chisa, Angelina Fabbro and Jennifer Brook contributed to the “we are tired of pretending this stuff doesn’t happen” piece: We are tired of our male peers pretending that because they do not participate in bad behavior, that it is not their problem to solve. “If you see someone engage in bad behavior and you do nothing, you’ve chosen to let that person think that what they did is okay. This leaves us feeling like we’re fighting this alone. We can’t work on what we can’t see, but if you’re there when it happens, you can help. It is absolutely imperative that men work with other men to combat bad attitudes and behavior.”
  • The Harvard Business Review published a piece by The Grommet founder and CEO Jules Pieri titled “To Crack the Glass Ceiling, Start with Venture Capital.” According to the article, only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. “ By the time a glass ceiling is in place, it is far too late to change the trajectory or culture of a company… Instead, we need to look at the very creation of business.”
  • The founder and CEO of NastyGal, the online women’s retailer that’s now a $100 million-plus business, has a new book out called #GirlBoss. In “3 Rules Of Success That Made Nasty Gal A $100 Million Business,” Sophia Amoruso talks about starting small and above all else, doing a good job before you start projecting your growth. “Nasty Gal would have surely failed had it been my goal to grow a business to the size that I have today. When you begin with the finish line in mind, you miss all the fun stuff along the way.”
  • One of our favorite Women 2.0 posts this week: In “Bias is Still an Unfortunate Reality in Many Tech Sectors” BLUE1647 COO Antonio Rowry discusses the importance of diversity in tech and offers a few solid solutions to diversifying your team.

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